REJUVENATE: 500mg Luxury Full Spectrum CBD Balm by Surya

This balm contains 500mg of CBD. The 5 ingredients in this rejuvenate CBD balm are incredibly effective, and perform a wide variety of healing functions. The oil has skin restorative and regenerating properties and may aid in the healing of eczema, psoriasis, UV damage, anti-aging, scars and blemishes. It is also a soothing relaxant and may be used as a massage butter. It can be applied liberally, and as needed, to affected areas of the body for relief of discomfort, pain and inflammation. Main ingredients are Full Spectrum CBD oil, Organic coconut oil, Frankincense Essential oil, Beeswax and Vitamin E oil. This balm has no preservatives and is designed to melt on contact with your skin; It must be stored in a cool dry place.

1.69 oz (50ml) May contain trace amounts of THC below mandated levels.

Surya Products are made in artisan batches using all organic ingredients by Indigo/D an apothecary practitioner.