Feminized Hemp Seeds & Seedlings

The health and genetic expression of the propagation stock of Cannabis and Hemp is at the heart of a successful cultivation and pest management plan. Our Consultants work closely with our farmers every step of the way, providing exclusive seedstock from High Grade Hemp Seed, America’s 1st Hemp Farm.

Not all hemp is created equal. HGH Seeds are known for the quality yield produced by our strains and the consistency of their harvest when grown properly. At HGH & CBD NATIONAL, we live by the highest standards in cultivating premium high CBD with low THC genetics. Because of our complex growing methods, we use the most efficient and innovative technology to produce clean and pure, feminized seed.

From selecting the right genetics to employing sustainable, organic growing practices, integrated pest management and using earth friendly products, we ensure our farmers are able to produce a superior, marketable, profitable end product.

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