Our Story


CBD NATIONAL is an exclusive network of professionals with expertise, passion and a long term vision for making the world a better place. Our corporation was formed in 2017, after successfully merging 420 Consulting Associates, LLC- the very first Hemp & Cannabis insurance program in the state of Oregon; and Chronix Craft Cannabis, Southern Oregon’s most reputable farm and nursery, specializing in exclusive breeding, seed-stock, genetics, and clone propagation for both Cannabis and Hemp producers. 

CBD NATIONAL is a one of a kind, fresh fast approach to integrating a seed to sale marketing platform.Every product and service we offer, has been put through an extensive quality control program and has been tested at our R&D facility located in Southern Oregon. From seed to sale, our team of experts provides consulting, marketing, sales. and distribution of Industrial Hemp and Hemp derived products. Every farm we work with has been thoroughly vetted and procured their seeds from us and our seed breeders.  Every processor we work with has also been thoroughly vetted and purchased their material from our farms or runs our genetics. Every hemp derived product we offer came from our family of farms, processors, and most importantly- genetics from our seed breeders. Most importantly, we only work with companies that share our values of clean, organic, sustainable, earth friendly practices. CBD NATIONAL is not just a company, it's a lifestyle.

Our Founders

Sandy and Scotty

Sandy Diesel, the CEO of CBD NATIONAL, is a highly respected role model and activist in the Cannabis community. Sandy’s passion stems from her own experience due to a near fatal car accident, and the pharmaceutical industry that nearly killed her and her will to live. At the height  of her career, she became permanently disabled and was expected to have a life expectancy of forty years due to her injuries, the chronic conditions they caused, and the plethora of prescribed pharmaceuticals. Sandy & her husband Scotty relocated to the west coast in order to treat her chronic conditions with medical marijuana. Soon after they began cultivating Cannabis and CBD cultivars as her medicine, Sandy became completely pharmaceutical free, and has dedicated her life to helping others do the same. Cannabis not only saved her life, it gave her and her husband quality of life and a passion to help others. Although she still suffers from chronic conditions, she lives a pill-free, happy, healthy, holistic lifestyle. Their mission in life is to help as many people as possible learn about safe, effective, natural healing methods using food and Cannabis as medicine. 

Scotty Diesel, the COO of CBD National, has an extensive background in Cannabis Science, research, genetics, breeding, production, processing, team building, management, construction and politics. Scotty is certified in the Science of Cannabis, and works closely with local research and laboratory analysts. Scotty also has an extensive construction background as a 27-year union pipe fitter, fire life safety expert and contractor. He has worked closely with OSHA, managing over 30 employees as superintendent and project manager for some of the largest and most intricate buildings in the nation. Scotty’s focus has been on breeding genetics and cultivating Cannabis to heal specific medical conditions for the past six years. He has worked with hundreds of patients and helped their ailments through selective breeding and processing. He has been a pioneer in creating proprietary blends of Hemp through specific Terpene profiles and Cannabinoid profiles, combined with other full plant medicine. With over 27 years of heavy construction experience, his expertise in custom design and infrastructure is like no other. Although he specializes in irrigation and construction, he has revolutionized a one of a kind subterranean greenhouse that fully represents our sustainable business model. Scotty’s greatest asset is in his knowledge of sustainable, regenerative farming practices and his unique ability to create strains and genetics based on medical needs, demographics, climate, and cultivation plans. As a well- known activist immersed in the Cannabis culture, Scotty has established a solid foundation and is well respected throughout the medical community. Scotty speaks the language of the Cannabis culture and serves as a bridge builder to all sides of the industry. 

Our Dream-Team

Our Founders are deeply experienced in the regulated market and have systematically designed a network of industry experts that understand the many challenges businesses face in this industry. Our Executive team is a powerful combo, bringing extensive networking, team building, and strategic insight to the company. Our executive team has successfully owned & operated multiple companies in and out of the Cannabis Industry, which has built a strong network of professionals and resources. Together, we have over 30 years of experience in Cultivation, Processing, Consulting, Management, Finance, Marketing, and Activism in the Cannabis Industry. Our integrity, compassion, experience, reputation, passion, and strong work ethic will make our mark and sets the bar high in this emerging industry!

Our Affiliates

Our team not only provides strategic business solutions, but we also have built alliances with the most reputable companies in the nation to ensure secure, compliant, profitable, long-term success. We are dedicated to working with other like minded people that not only stand true to the integrity of this amazing plant medicine, but also believe in putting the people, pets, and planet before profit.  Our Dream-Team believes this is an opportunity to not only to build a great company and lifestyle, but also to shape and pioneer this emerging industry for generations to come-and to make a difference in creating a better world.